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NEBytes Event 18th May
Wed, May 11 2011 3:25
Unfortunately I'm going to be out of the country and not able to make this month's regular NEBytes event, but it's a good one, so I don't want you to miss it if you can be in Newcastle. For developers, we've got Gergely Orosz talking... Read More...
Pre-NoDo WinPho Update Woe
Wed, Mar 9 2011 6:23
After complaints about the lack of updates to Windows Phone 7, the first feature update, codenamed NoDo is practially upon us ( after being delayed , obviously). NoDo brings performance improvements and everyone's favourite smartphone feature - copy... Read More...
Windows Phone 7: What will still be missing at the end of 2011?
Tue, Feb 15 2011 6:38
In Steve Ballmer's keynote at the Mobile World Congress yesterday, Microsoft outlined what's coming to Windows Phone 7 in updates for the remainder of 2011. There's some good stuff there: copy and paste will come along with some performance... Read More... free on WP7 or not?
Tue, Feb 8 2011 10:48
Over the last day or so, lots of blogs covering Windows Phone 7 and other mobile devices/gadgets, including big-hitters like Engadget, Boy Genius Report, Wired and Pocket-Lint have been reporting's announcement that they're bringing free... Read More...
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Visual Search for Bing homepage images
Mon, Nov 8 2010 7:13
I’ve posted here before about my love of the images that are used on the Bing homepage, and how I use them as my desktop wallpaper . I don’t know how long this has been up there, but I’ve just discovered Bing’s Visual Search for... Read More...
Fri, May 14 2010 13:04
I was in the process of writing a post about Windows Phone 7 and I was going to add a quick side note to say that it hasn't gone beyond my notice that Microsoft has also announced another line of phones. After it got longer than a quick side note... Read More...