July 2010 - Posts

Metro information displays and BGPS
Mon, Jul 19 2010 11:23
For a while the Tyne & Wear Metro have had scrolling matrix displays installed in their trains, but until this morning I hadn't seen them switched on. On my commute to work today Nexus (the operators of the Metro) obviously had them in some kind...
NEBytes Bytecast
Mon, Jul 12 2010 12:19
Back in May I posted about starting a podcast with the rest of the guys who run the North East Bytes usergroup - the idea being that we would chat about some things that would be relevant to the folks who attend the NEBytes meetings, i.e. I.T. professionals...
Free iPhone 4 cases from MobileFun
Mon, Jul 12 2010 4:45
I mentioned the iPhone 4 reception problems in a previous news roundup post . It seems that Apple aren't going to be giving away free Bumpers to solve the issue, but my friends at MobileFun.co.uk have announced that they are giving away a free iPhone...