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Contract classes and nested types within interfaces

I've just been going through some feedback for the draft copy of the second edition of C# in Depth. In the contracts section, I have an example like this: [ContractClass( typeof (ICaseConverterContracts))] public   interface ICaseConverter {...
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Faking COM to fool the C# compiler

C# 4 has some great features to make programming against COM components bearable fun and exciting. In particular: PIA linking allows you to embed just the relevant bits of the Primary Interop Assembly into your own assembly, so the PIA isn't actually...
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C# 4.0: dynamic<T> ?

I've not played with the VS2010 CTP much yet, and I've only looked briefly at the documentation and blogs about the new C# 4.0 dynamic type, but a thought occurred to me: why not have the option of making it generic as a way of saying "I...