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DotNetRocks interview

Last Monday evening I had a chat with the guys from DotNetRocks , and today the show has gone live . I wouldn't claim to have said anything particularly earth-shattering, and regular readers will probably be familiar with many of the themes anyway...

Mandelbrot revisited - benchmark edition

I've had fun with the Mandelbrot set in this blog before, using it as an example of an embarrassingly parallelisable problem and demonstrating Parallel LINQ with it. This morning, over breakfast, I described the problem to Christian Brunschen , a...
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Visualising the Mandelbrot set with LINQ - yet again

I've been thinking about ranges again, particularly after catching a book error just in time, and looking at Marc's generic complex type . It struck me that my previous attempts were all very well, and demonstrated parallelisation quite neatly...
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A cautionary parallel tale: ordering isn't simple

A little while ago, I wrote about my silly project to test Parallel LINQ - a Mandelbrot generator . In the last week, two things have happened to make this more of a reality. Firstly, the December CTP of Parallel FX has been released. Secondly, my old...
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LINQ to Silliness: Generating a Mandelbrot with parallel potential

I've been writing about LINQ recently, and in particular I've written a small amount about Parallel LINQ . (Don't get excited - it's only about a page, just to mention it as a sort of "meta-provider" for LINQ.) I was wondering...
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