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Breaking Liskov

Very recently, Barbara Liskov won the Turing award , which makes it a highly appropriate time to ponder when it's reasonable to ignore her most famous piece of work, the Liskov Substitution (or Substitutability) Principle . This is not idle speculation...
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Quick rant: why isn't there an Exception(string, params object[]) constructor?

This Stack Overflow question has reminded me of something I often wish existed in common exception constructors - an overload taking a format string and values. For instance, it would be really nice to be able to write: throw new IOException( "Expected...
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This post is in lieu of writing a proper one, either on the generic maths operators which Marc Gravell has been hard at work on, or on C# 4 which I have a number of opinions about (no surprise there). I will write about both of those topics, but I really...
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