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SharePoint Search Enhancements available on Codeplex


SharePoint sites

You want to crawl the content on a particular site collection on a different schedule than other site collections.

Crawl only the SharePoint site of each start address

clip_image001Note: This option accepts any URL, but will start the crawl from the top-level site of the site collection that is specified in the URL you enter. For example, if you enter http://contoso/sites/sales/car but http://contoso/sites/sales is the top-level site of the site collection, the site collection http://contoso/sites/sales  and all of its subsites are crawled.

In the Crawl Configuration section, select one of the following:

Exclude all items in this path. Select this option if you want all items in the specified path to be excluded from the crawl.

Include all items in this path. Select this option if you want all items in the path to be crawled.

If you chose to exclude all items in this path. Otherwise, you can further refine the inclusion by selecting any combination of the following:

Follow links on the URL without crawling the URL itself. Select this option if you want to crawl links contained within the URL, but not the URL itself.

Crawl complex URLs (URLs that contain a question mark (?)). Select this option if you want to crawl URLs that contain parameters that use the question mark (?) notation.

Crawl SharePoint content as HTTP pages. Normally, SharePoint content is crawled by using a special protocol. Select this option if you want SharePoint content to be crawled as HTTP pages instead. When the content is crawled by using the HTTP protocol, item permissions are not stored. This means that all items that match a particular search query appear on search results pages, regardless of whether the user that initiated the query has access to those items. The purpose of this setting is to enable search administrators to crawl remote SharePoint sites that they do not have explicit control over and therefore cannot enforce that the domain account used to crawl those remote sites has been granted full-read permissions on those sites.

Remember why Codeplex is so cool all of the features / solutions on Codeplex have the source code available..




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