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SharePoint Set Permisssions on Views and Columns

Folks ask all the time is there a way to set View and Column permissions on Lists. The answer is yes there are a couple of SharePoint solutions that do just that.

The first is SPViewPermissionSetting (Powered by Laurent Cotton Aka Suchii - Bewise) that allows you to choose what groups have access to specific views

The second is SPListDisplaySetting (Powered by Laurent Cotton Aka Suchii - Bewise) that allows you to select the columns that show up in the for new, display, and edit and to choose the group…

There are a few more on Codeplex like OfficeToolbox.SharePoint.Lists v1.0 that only allow you to lock down the column and not choose to allow groups to have different access.

Note: When using the SPListDisplaySetting and the OfficeToolbox.SharePoint.Lists v1.0 solutions at the same time your results will not be consistent, deactivate one while testing the other…



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enti said:

Hello. I have create SharePoint column and view permission for SharePoint 2010 and you can download it for free from codeplex. Please check:

Thank you

# August 15, 2012 1:48 PM

ala said:

you can also see this tool

# January 8, 2013 10:15 AM
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