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FLEXnet Connect 6.1 Security Update

Acresso has published a fix for a security issue in FLEXnet Connect (previously called InstallShield Update Service) that was reported in September 2008. The problem was that FLEXnet connect used an unauthenticated HTTP connection to download and execute...
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Security Vulnerability in FLEXnet Connect / InstallShield Update Service

When checking for updates, the FLEXnet Connect client (and it's previous versions named InstallShield Update Service) can download and execute scripts from the update server. The problem is that these scripts are downloaded via HTTP, so the identity...

One-Click Install (OCI) Security Vulnerability in InstallShield 12

A security vulnerability has been reported in the One-Click Install ActiveX control in InstallShield 12. The problem only exists in the InstallScript project type; Basic MSI and InstallScript MSI are not affected. The vulnerability only exists in InstallShield...
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