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Advanced Installer 6.1 brings unified 32/64-bit installers and Windows Firewall support

On December 18th, 2007 Caphyon Ltd. announced the latest edition of its Windows Installer authoring tool. The new Advanced Installer enables developers and system administrators to easily build and repackage complex applications into reliable, ready to deploy MSI and EXE installers, patches and on-line updates.

Starting with the 6.1 version you can create unified 32/64-bit installers for simpler deployment and lower maintenance costs. The installers run as 32-bit on 32-bit platforms and as 64-bit on 64-bit platforms.

The ability to configure the Windows Firewall is now fully supported.
Make the firewall configuration seamless for your users. Add your application to the exception list during installation, and remove it from the exception list during uninstallation.

Jump-start your installer by importing your existing Visual Studio project. Advanced Installer will auto-detect all your names, components, resources and dependencies, quickly creating the corresponding setup.

Other improvements in this version:

  • Mixed 32/64-bit installers
  • Configuring the Windows Firewall
  • Importing Microsoft Visual Studio projects and solutions
  • Bootstrapper customization of background image, welcome text and optional EULA
  • Custom CAB archive size and number of CABs per volume

Advanced Installer is available in four editions, starting with the Freeware community edition and offering a 30-day trial period for the other editions.

For more information about Advanced Installer 6.0 please see:


(Text based on a press release from Caphyon Ltd.)