PC SuperCharger's bogus online scan/scam

Here is yet another bogus online scanner from the WinFixer clone family ...

Notice that the Cancel button is grayed out ... also notice Windows Vista/IE7 has blocked the install of the ".cab" file, and prompts the user if they trust the website ... no I don't think so!

It's sad to see yet another Rogue program using "UserTrust with Site Seal from Comodoâ„¢" ... I have been in contact with Comodo about several other WinFixer clones, hoping that they would refuse to do business with all these culprits ... guess I'll have to contact them again ...

Both "pcsupercharger" and "bizadverts" are both hosted at "Secure Hosting" ( which is home to a huge amout of the WinFixer clones ... sadly not much you can do about servers running in Honduras ... and worse yet is the fact that none of the AV scanners at VirusTotal detect "FreeInstallPCSuperCharger.exe"

Published Fri, Feb 29 2008 0:54 by winhelp2002


# re: PC SuperCharger's bogus online scan/scam

Friday, February 29, 2008 10:32 AM by Alun Jones

Sadly, this is not really something that could be called a failure on Comodo's part.

The certificate identifies the code as being signed by PC SuperCharger, and indeed, the code is theirs to sign.

A certificate authority's job is to verify identity - not to approve business practices.