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Ransomware - Crytolocker spreading in massive spam campaigns

Crytolocker is a dangerous new worm that encrypts data on infected user systems and requires them to pay usually $300 for their data back.  As files are permanently damaged by encryption, users must  completely restore data if they refuse payment.  Users should always be cautious with email messages and website links

QUOTE:   Last week, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) warned that tens of millions of customers were being targeted by the Cryptolocker malware through a mass spam campaign. According to the alert, millions of UK customers received malicious emails, but the primary targets seem to have been small and medium businesses.  A recent Symantec blog examined a threat named Trojan.Cryptolocker and how it is an aggressive evolution of the ransomware family of threats. Cryptolocker thrives by encrypting files on a victim’s computer and holding the decryption key for ransom. Interestingly, Symantec predicted this rise in ransomware in its most recent Internet Security Threat Report.