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Network Vulnerability Assessment Tool - NMAP v6.40 released

NMAP v6.40 release is now available.  This is an excellent free network testing tool that can help facilitate internal PENTEST research of vulnerabilities:

QUOTE: It has been a while since the last stable Nmap release, but I'm pleased to release Nmap 6.40 and I think you'll consider it worth the wait!  It includes 14 new NSE scripts, hundreds of new OS and service detection signatures, a new --lua-exec feature for scripting Ncat, initial support for NSE and version scanning through a chain of proxies, improved target specification, many performance enhancements and bug fixes, and much more!  So many improvements, in fact, that our source code repository recently reached revision number 31337!  Nmap 6.40 source code and binary packages for Linux, Windows, and Mac are available for free download