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Microsoft Security Essentials - New Version 1.0.1963.0

I was prompted this morning to move to Microsoft Security Essentials Version 1.0.1963.0 and encourage all users to do so when prompted. I also pressed the UPDATE NOW button after updating to ensure the latest signatures were pulled in. The MSE icon in the SYSTRAY will turn orange and anytime the icon is not GREEN it indicates you should update or scan your system.  MSE continues to be a great lightweight version for basic protection of all my home systems.

Microsoft Security Essentials - New version available

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Robert said:

I feel a little stoopid, but how does one check your current version # of MSE?  There is no About I can find.

# June 29, 2010 8:51 AM

Harry Waldron said:

Hi Robert - Almost all product versions are checked by doing a HELP and ABOUT.

For MSE,


2. Find MSE and launch it

3. In top right, look for Help and a triangle pointing down

4. Click on the Help triangle and select "ABOUT Microsoft Security essentials"

5. There you will be able to see the version

You can also perform the 1st 3 steps about and under the HELP menu, you can select "Upgrade MSE" and it'll check to ensure you're up-to-date

# July 7, 2010 10:02 PM