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ECMC Data theft impacts 3 million with student loans

ECMC Data theft impacts 3 million with student loans

ECMC has promptly issued notifications, as noted below.  Anyone impacted should watch for any suspicious activities. Information on portable media was stolen which contains name, address, and social security numbers.  However no financial information was compromised.

ECMC Notification to Borrowers of Data Loss

Data theft targets 3.3 million with student loans

QUOTE:  ECMC, a guarantor of federal student loans, had a theft occur from its headquarters involving portable media with personally identifiable information. The stolen data contained information on approximately 3.3 million individuals and included names, addresses, dates of birth and social security numbers. No bank account or other financial account information was included in the data. ECMC released this information as soon as it received approval from law enforcement authorities.


Alex D said:

Where is ECMC's criminal liability for this data theft?  Storing personally identifiable information on removable / portable media in todays environment is clearly negligent.

One year of credit monitoring is a small consolation to those of us affected.  Our information is now compromised for the rest of our lives.

Clearly the thieves are more culpable than ECMC, but I believe there is either personal or corporate responsibility as well.

# April 15, 2010 10:48 AM

Jon said:

They did offer a year of credit monitoring, but they still want you to pay to view your credit report. It is a pathetic! They let 3.3 million people's information literally walk out the door and this is the best "I'm sorry" they can do?

# April 19, 2010 8:02 AM