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Wired - Ten Worst Cybercrimes of past decade

Lightning  Wired magazine shares some of the worst cyberattacks during the past decade. As I helped protect our company during this period of time, my own list would include most of these.  I might also include the costly attacks of the Love Bug, Nimda, Klez, SoBig, Blaster, or Sasser attacks in this group.  Defenses, patch management and security were especially weak early in the decade.  However even with current improved security, the sophistication of cyberattacks have also increased in this game of cat-and-mouse. 

Wired - The Decade’s 10 Most Dastardly Cybercrimes

QUOTE: it’s time to reflect on the most ingenious, destructive or groundbreaking cybercrimes of the first 10 years of the new millennium.

2000 MafiaBoy
2002 California Payroll Database Breach
2003 Slammer
2004 Foonet
2006 Los Angeles Traffic Signal Attack
2006 Max Vision
2008 RBS Worldpay Heist
2008 Albert Gonzalez
2009 Conficker
2009 Money Mules