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MSNBC - 12 things computer users should fear in 2010

Storm Security challenges will continue in 2010. This edition of Red Tape from MSNBC's Technical division summarizes their predictions for a stormy year ahead.

MSNBC - 12 things computer users should fear in 2010

QUOTE: Predictions for 2010 are summarized below:

1. E-mail attachments are back - Trojan horse attacks continue to increase
2. Anti-virus products less effective - AV Vendors have difficulty keeping up with bad guys
3. Fake anti-virus software - In 2009 consumers shelled out $150 million for rogue softare
4. Social networking attacks will continue to increase
5. Botnets - may be even worse
6. Spam - 95 percent? 
7. Finally, Apple gets respect - from cybercriminals
8. Cell phones-  may see a significant attack against cell phone or smart phone users.
9. SEO poisoning - malicious sites manipulae search engines to rank high
10. WINDOWS 7 - Microsoft has continued to improve security and will malicious attackers be successful?
11. URL shorteners - may take users to malicious web sites
12. Gumblar - advanced website injection to build botnet.


Slav said:

Harry, do I read this correctly and Windows 7 is a thing to fear?

# December 27, 2009 11:10 PM

Harry Waldron said:

Hi Slav - The full article shares more details. The #10 prediction for Windows 7 questions whether a major vulnerability may surface.  

So far, so good as it has an improved security design. I believe this new O/S will hold up well and this #10 concern would not be on my own personal list.

Regards, Harry  

# December 30, 2009 2:43 PM