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F-Secure reintroduces Apple AV Protection

Time F-Secure has announced a new beta AV product for the Mac.  They used to offer this previously in the floppy era. Apple PCs should be protected by some AV product, as there are increased threats circulating in-the-wild.

F-Secure reintroduces Apple AV Protection

QUOTE: But look closely and you'll see that the image above is for Mac Protection.

We used to have a Mac solution back in the days of sneakernets. The updates were distributed via floppies. This new Mac Protection (with antivirus) is part of our Technology Preview program and you can download it from our Beta Programs page. An Intel processor based Mac with OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) is a requirement.

Macs are popular, with consumers… and also with malware authors. There's plenty of Zlob codec trojans that will infect a Mac if given the chance. Mac's popularity is such that we feel it's time once again for our own Mac solution.