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Conficker.C - Limited action today but it's also not an April Fools Day prank

Time Sunbelt shares a good update on Conficker below. Please note that on April 1st, "C" started it's routines to update and more developments could occur in the days ahead. Most likely, the malware authors will want to keep this advanced worm as quiet and stealth-like as possible. It uses an advanced and encrypted P2P channel for update and control functions, much like the Storm Worm Botnet.

Today's actions are not a major attack and this was not an April Fools Day joke that fizzled out.  The authors know that security folks are on high alert in watching it and have most likely delayed trying to do anything today.

QUOTE: Yeah, Conficker is a serious problem, but not for home and corporate users who employ best practices already. The real problem is for the security professionals trying to prevent the worm from impacting the millions of people who fail to learn anything about security.

So, you still want to protect against Conficker? Here is what to do. Make sure that the Windows Security center is functioning and you are up to date on your Microsoft security patches. You can go to to manually check for updates. Make sure you’re antivirus product is up to date.