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Google Talk - ViddyHo Phishing Scheme uses TinyURL link

While Google quickly addressed this new issue a few weeks ago, always avoid file attachments and URLs where possible in Instant Messaging systems.

Google Talk - ViddyHo Phishing Scheme uses TinyURL link

QUOTE: Google said Wednesday it has reigned in a new phishing scam in which attackers were trying to steal usernames and passwords through the company's instant messenger program.

The phishing message arrived as an unsolicited Google Talk message and contained a TinyURL link to a site called “ViddyHo," which asked potential victims to login with their Google Talk or Gmail credentials.

“Potentially a hacker who has grabbed your Gmail password could have accessed your entire address book and scooped up all of your correspondence, including information that you may have archived about other online accounts,” wrote Sophos' senior technology consultant Graham Cluley in a blog post.


Recovery for data files said:

Disk recovery is something you want to explore when an important file has been lost or damaged. When the disk cannot been accessed you'll need to ask a data access provider to get the files recovered.

# May 1, 2009 6:03 PM