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Technology Jobs - Seven mistakes to avoid

Idea This article offers excellent advice for professionals applying for IT positions:

Seven mistakes to avoid when applying for Technology Jobs

QUOTE: In this economy, even having the experience may not be enough.  Always follow résumé best practices -- proper spelling, good organization, consistent font and so on. Realize, too, that if you simply do not meet the required minimum experience, it's very unlikely that you will win the job. Beyond that, if you avoid these all-too-common mistakes that I have seen over years of filling network administrator positions, you'll boost your chance of landing the job.

Mistake 1: Your objective is unclear
Mistake 2: You've listed old skills
Mistake 3: You've created an 'alphabet soup' explosion
Mistake 4: You misuse industry jargon
Mistake 5: You're unclear what 'network administrator' means  (know full responsibilities of position to see if your skills fit, esp. if you've only had partial experience)
Mistake 6: You're vague about your experience, or you're just downright confusing
Mistake 7: You lose sight of the goal (Do not forget your goal. Get your foot in the door for a face-to-face interview)