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Malware e-card spam attacks increase

Email Trend is reporting a significant increase in malicious e-cards circulating in email. Users should avoid all e-cards except those from truly legitimate sources. Keeping AV protection up-to-date is also beneficial.

Malware e-card spam attacks increase

QUOTE: A significant amount of e-card spam has flooded inboxes recently, taking advantage of the upcoming holiday season. Spam mails contain holiday greetings and a short message informing users that they have received an e-card from someone. Also in the email is an embedded URL link where the recipient can view or claim their e-card.

A Christmas card from a friend
A special card just for you
Christmas card for you
Christmas Ecard Notification
Christmas Ecard Special Delivery
Christmas greetings e-card is waiting for you
Christmas greetings for you
Christmas greetings from your friend
Christmas Wishes!
Greeting for you!
Happy Christmas!
Have a warm an lovely Christmas!
I made an Ecard for U!
I sent you the ecard
Joyful Christmas!
Merry Christmas 2009!
Merry Christmas card for you!
Merry Christmas e-card is waiting for you
Merry Christmas greetings for you
Merry Christmas ‘N Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas To You!
Merry Christmas wishes just for you
Merry Christmas!
Merry Xmas!
Warmest Wishes For Christmas!
Wish You A Merry Christmas!
Xmas card for you
Xmas card is waiting for you
You have a Christmas Greeting!
You have a greeting card
You Have An E-card Waiting For You!
You have received a Christmas E-card
You have received a Christmas greetings card
You have received an E-card
You Received an Ecard.
You’ve got a Christmas E-card
You’ve got a Christmas greetings card
You’ve got a Merry Christmas E-card
You’ve got a Merry Christmas greeting card
You’ve got a Xmas e-card
You’ve got an e-card


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