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SWI - Spyware Info Forums site name has changed

Star SWI, one of the most popular spyware information and removal sites recently lost it's domain name.  Malware has been discovered at the original site of Spyware Info (dot) com.  The new site name should be used instead and re-bookmarked to ensure safety.

SWI - Bookmark for New Location

SpywareInfo (dot) com - BAD NEWS

QUOTE: GoDaddy just auctioned off Mike Healan's original (please don't go to this site), and what happened to it is what many feared would when they saw how high the price was getting. As of yesterday the new owner had a page up directing people to fake protection programs, some of them being downright malicious. The site is now blocked by OpenDNS and some other DNS servers as malicious.


dgsjsj said:

Hello, Harry Waldron.

With interest has read through the information about a website Malware Threat Center - General Information




I also watched the information from this resource. I had been presented the information received from you at a Russian-speaking forum




The specified themes of a forum are devoted to information safety and counteraction to nocuous programs. I invite you will familiarize with the specified pages, and I ask of your sanction in the further to use the information from yours Blog with the instruction of your authorship. For reading in Russian it is possible to take advantage<http: //>


For personal communication it is possible to take advantage <>

I wish good luck.

# December 17, 2008 9:27 AM