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President-Elect Obama Video - Malware version in-the-wild

Movie Please avoid any links or videos related to this historic speech and only view this as desired from a trusted website source and not from an email link:

President-Elect Obama Video - Malware version in-the-wild

QUOTE: Less than twelve hours after President-Elect Obama's historic acceptance speech, computer criminals have already crafted a malware attack based on the speech. The UAB Spam Data Mine has observed more than 300 spam messages which invite email readers to view the speech with a spam message ...

A new president, a new congress ...
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Priorities for the New President - TIME
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World Welcomes Obama's Win

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Segam said:

I guess they had a while to perfect this virus, blimey surprising what people get upto!

# November 13, 2008 1:09 AM