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Antivirus 2010 and other fake security products continue

Sunbelt is continuing to warn on three brand new variants from the AntiVirus 2009 family. These products try to simulate legitimate security products and will infect vulnerable systems.   

Antivirus 2010 and other fake security products continue

QUOTE: Antivirus 2010 is a new rogue security product. This rogue is a clone evolved from IEdefender that begat XP Antivirus, that begat Antivirus 2008, that then begat Antispyware 2009


Jim said:

A great help

As a student I was always worried regarding my presentation files getting corrupt.

Re-doing all my files was always an extra work for me. But After installing  all the problems regarding my pc were solved. Now I am least worried about trojan invading my pc. This software has helped me to a great extend to make my pc spyware free.

# October 15, 2008 8:19 AM