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Office 2003 - Move to Service Pack 3 as SP2 Support has ended

Time Office 2003 SP3 has been reliable on all home and work PCs, as it installed as soon as it became available one year ago. Anyone on SP2 or earlier releases should update their systems to the latest version for improved security and to remain on active support.

Office 2003 - Move to Service Pack 3 as SP2 Support has ended

Office 2003 - SP3 Home and Download Site (118MB)

QUOTE: Microsoft® Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) represents a major evolution in security for Office 2003. It further hardens the Office suite against potential attacks and other security threats. This service pack also includes fixes that have been previously released as separate updates for Office 2003.


George Beck said:

I believe you are mistaken in one critical use - Active Sync 4.5.  SP3 conflicts with AS4.5 communication with MS Office 2003.  MS has been useless in resolving, though they indicate on their website that this is a known conflict identified over a year ago.  MS irresponsibly did not notify PDA vendors nor hardware vendors of this, and gives the runaround.  I am still trying to resolve - numerous hours wasted due MS lack of customer concern.  This is timesaving?

If you have any helpful guidance (NOT MS support pages), please send to and

# October 9, 2008 8:12 AM