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Business Week website attacked by new SQL Injection attack

Gift One might assume a prestigous site like Business Week would always be completely safe.  However, a weakness in their website security was discovered by malicious individuals which allowed SQL Injection. These SQL Injection attacks would secretly route user requests or information back to fake sites hosted in Russia. However, these fake websites are currently offline.   

SQL-Injection attacks are usually more of a weakness in programming rather than a security flaw in the supporting website software. While I'm certain Business Week will take measures to correct this issue, this example illustrates the need for all of us to be cautious when surfing the Internet.  McAfee, Sophos, and other vendors have also added AV protection.

Business Week website attacked by new SQL Injection attack

QUOTE: Folks from Sophos have discovered that the website of BusinessWeek, the world famous weekly magazine, has been attacked by hackers in an attempt to infect its readership with malware.

Hundreds of webpages in a section of BusinessWeek’s website which offers information about where MBA students might find future employers have been affected.  According to Sophos, hackers used an SQL injection attack - where a vulnerability is exploited in order to insert malicious code into the site's underlying database - to pepper pages with code that tries to download malware from a Russian web server.

At the time of writing, the code injected into BusinessWeek’s website points to a Russian website that is currently down and not delivering further malicious code.  However, it could be revived at any time, infecting hundreds of MBA students looking for high-earning jobs.  Sophos informed BusinessWeek of the infection last week, although at the time of writing the hackers' scripts are still present and active on their site.