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Internet Explorer 8 - New Security Improvements

Idea Internet Explorer 8 - New Security Improvements

This article highlights two worthwhile IE 8 improvements that can better protect users from phishing attacks.

Internet Explorer 8 - Two New Security Improvements

QUOTE:  IE 8's security environment benefits from the addition of two major enhancements: the Safety Filter tool and the Domain Highlighting feature. Here's a closer look at both of these new enhancements.

1. Safety Filter -- IE 8 ups the ante with a new Safety Filter that analyzes the entire URL string to search for carefully hidden signs that a Web site may be something other than it claims to be. In Microsoft's words, the Safety Filter provides "a more granular detection" capability, allowing the browser to protect users from more targeted and sophisticated attacks.

2. Domain Highlighting -- IE 8's other major new security feature is a technology that highlights the top-level domain in the browser's address bar. This enhancement might not sound like much, but it is designed to provide a hard-to-miss visual clue that will function like a traffic light. The idea is to enable users to quickly confirm that the Web site they are visiting is the site that they intended to visit.


Karl said:

IE8 runs faster than IE7, also seems to have less bugs

# May 7, 2008 6:35 PM