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IE 8 Beta - Passes Acid2 test

Idea There is speculation among some of the technology watch groups that the first beta for IE 8 may be released in the near future.  IE 8 will feature improved compatibility with some of the industry standards, including the Acid2 test. This new browser environment will be interesting to both test and explore when it debuts. 

IE 8 Beta 1 may be offered to developers soon

QUOTE: According to the invitation, Microsoft is planning to make IE 8 Beta 1 available to the general public, as well. But before that happens, an invitation-only test program will be conducted. The invitation describes IE 8 Beta 1 being focused on developers.

IE 8 Beta - Passes Acid2 test

QUOTE: As a team, we’ve spent the last year heads down working hard on IE8. Last week, we achieved an important milestone that should interest web developers.

Watch for official news that might be posted on Microsoft's IE blog:


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# February 25, 2008 4:00 PM