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Firecat 1.2 - Firefox based security testing and audit tool

An interesting security audit and testing tool was highlighted by the ISC. I downloaded the latest version of Firecat 1.2 and tested a few of the capabilities. This fairly large extension set offers a set of over 60 security tools for examining the underlying HTML code and web site security.

ISC: Firefox as the weapon of choice?

QUOTE: Most application security testers are already using some Firefox plug-ins to assist in their testing. These plug-ins are usually very helpful in getting some quick and easy test tools directly from within the browser. The folks from has compiled a catalog of the security plug-ins in Firefox, called FireCAT. I would suggest taking a look at their catalog and load up your Firefox browser with some of the security tools. Although most of these plug-ins would not be considered best of breed tools in their respective area, the ability to use them from within the browser usually makes them very accessible and easy to use. You might also want to know that these tools would not only benefit the application testers but also the infrastructure testers and most other security professionals as well.

Firecat 1.2 Home Page,232.html

SEP 2007 : FireCAT (Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTensions) version 1.2 released


tool » Firecat 1.2 - Firefox based security testing and audit tool said:

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john said:


You can found on a package for FireCAT 1.4 there:

# November 22, 2008 6:45 PM

Security-Database said:

Thanks for the quote.

Please, find Firecat 1.5 here :


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