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Opera 9.22 - Security and Vista improvements release

Star Opera 9.22 is available for improved security and Windows Vista support.  In using this as a complementary browser with IE 7 and Firefox, no issues have been encountered so far. 

Opera 9.22 for Windows is available for download.

Changes Since Opera 9.21

User Interface

  • Fix to allow toolbars to use bold fonts again.
  • Tabs can be dragged between windows using the Windows panel again.
  • Info panel title now correctly displays Web page title and mail subjects that contain HTML.


  • Scripting and display fixes for the Silverlight plug-in.
  • Multiple stability fixes.
  • Improved stability and performance of BitTorrent.


  • Fixed an issue that could occur when removing a specially prepared torrent transfer, as reported by iDefense. See the advisory.
  • Prevented an issue where data URLs could be used to display the wrong address in the address bar. See the advisory.
  • Improved the display of long domain names in authentication dialogs. Long domain names will now scroll instead of using ellipsis. See the advisory.
  • Added Trustcenter class 3 G2 root certificate.
  • Fixes for a problem with certificate import from PKCS #7 Signed and Netscape Multicert files.

Windows specific

  • Fix for accessing certain Web sites using Windows Vista.


Phil Odendron said:

Try and keep up.

Opera 9.22 was released 19.07.2007.

But thanks anyway.

# July 31, 2007 5:27 PM