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Stolen Laptop with info on 26 million Veteran's recovered

  According to media reports, the laptop was stolen from the home, sold for $100, and had not been booted up beyond the password prompt (as it was password protected under XP or 2000). Thankfully, this appears to be more of a random burglary, than someone looking to conduct indentity theft on a massive scale.

Still, when we put on our security hats, we know that much more could be possible. Let's hope for a good outcome on this   

Stolen Laptop with info on 26 million Veteran's recovered

QUOTE: The Veterans Affairs Department said today that law enforcement officials had recovered the stolen laptop containing the personal data of more than 26 million veterans, and that initially it looks as though the data has not been accessed

The FBI said in a statement that a preliminary review of the equipment by the computer forensics team has determined that the database remains intact and has not been accessed since the laptop was stolen