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Personal Identity Theft - A true story


Each month, I attend a training luncheon offered by a professional organization.  As we were eating lunch, one of the ladies present told me about her 25 year old daughter who had been victimized by either a phishing scam (or one of the keylogger backdoors designed to capture sensitive personal information). 

Her daughter discovered this when three checks bounced as her checking account was cleaned out (by using her debit card).  Her mom said that the bank had analyzed this and at least $800 was stolen via a debit card (which is NOT subject to the Fair Credit Reporting act limitations). 

Her daughter was barely making it with a low-paying job and her mom said that she cried all night after being scammed in this manner.  Indeed, to the victim, this form of electronic fraud would leave someone with a hopeless feeling. 

I shared as much as I could with her mom (e.g., change account #'s, meet with the banking folks, document in writing, don't use debit cards, don't reply to stuff via email, virus/spyware removal, etc).  Of course, her mom (who also wasn't rich) helped her through this crisis.  Still for me, this discussion really brought home the need to go after and lock up these vandals.

I didn't see the mom at this month's meeting, but I'm hoping to learn as Paul Harvey says "the rest of the story" on this incident.


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