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Microsoft's EMAIL spam reduction campaign - an update

   This article provides an update on Microsoft's announced campaign to reduce email spam.  The key focus includes: a new Caller-ID for email protocol standard, taking legal action against defiant spammers, and improved filtering controls.

Article: Microsoft sets sights on spam

Microsoft's Spam and Privacy information

 There is going to be much more spam around over the coming months and years. So says George Webb, Microsoft's man in charge of the software giant's anti-spam strategy. But the good news is that although more junk mail will be sent, those that take steps to protect themselves are going to get a lot less of it landing in their inbox.  The reason that less spam will reach users, he believes, is because the computer industry has finally started working together to tackle the problem. "One company alone cannot solve this," he said.

This provides an analysis on the categories of spam email recieved.

Dubious products - 9%
Graphical porn - 7.5%
Other spam - 7.5%
Newsletters - 6%
Scams - 7%
Travel/gambling/games - 3%
Financial - 13%
Herbal/drugs/vitamins - 10%
Insurance - 4%
Non-graphic porn - 33