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More on Composite Architecture
As i posted earlier that i will be presenting @ IASA Singapore's chapter evening . It turned out to be an interesting session and i got the chance to interact with the audience and hear their pain points on composite architecture and enterprise mashups...
Speaking @ IASA Singapore Event
I will be talking about Composite Architecture @ IASA Singapore's monthly chapter evening. I will discuss how the software architecture paradigm is shifting in response to agile enterprises. This talk will intend to de-mystify composite architecture...
User group event: Web 2.0 in Enterprise
<dotNetBulls/> hosted their first technical event on 11th of March, 2008. Topic for this event was "Web 2.0 in Enterprise" and it was hosted by Linda Chong, from Microsoft. Linda Chong works for Microsoft in the capacity of Architect Evangelist...
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Speaking at ITARC - KL
I will be presenting at ITARC conference organized by IASA in KL . I will be presenting a break out session on "Composite Architecture". I will share the slides with all of you shortly.
Architecture.. Is it art? science? or MAGIC ?
Check it out: http://www.skyscrapr.net/blogs/solution/archive/2006/11/28/484.aspx
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Why do we need Architects?
check it out: http://www.skyscrapr.net/blogs/video/archive/2006/03/10/46.aspx
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Writing Technical Whitepaper!
As I said in the previous post that I have been busy working on a real-time trading platform. Before launching our product we had to come up with a technical white paper stating its technical intricacies. So I ended up writing it. After many revisions...
Presenting "Service Oriented Architecture" @ American University in Dubai
I am invited to present a session on "Understanding Service Oriented Architecture" tomorrow at American University in Dubai . I will post the presentation once the event is done. Update: The event at AUD went absolutely great. I reached there...
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