October 2005 - Posts

Philip Beadle joins the team
Published Fri, Oct 28 2005 15:23 | GregLow
Great to see fellow MVP Philip Beadle's joined our team at Readify . Welcome Philip!
8th Grade Maths
Published Thu, Oct 27 2005 12:11 | GregLow
I'm glad of that - I'm wondering which one Chris Sells got wrong... You Passed 8th Grade Math Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct! Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?
UML and MSF Book
Published Sun, Oct 23 2005 15:06 | GregLow
I finally got to finish one of the books I've wished I'd had the time to read for ages. It's Visual Studio .NET, UML and MSF by John Hansen and Carsten Thomsen. It's a big read (large book) and provides quite thorough coverage of the topics. The last...
MS Anti-spyware/Anti-malware oddity
Published Sat, Oct 15 2005 12:04 | GregLow
Noticed an odd thing with the new MS anti-spyware program that irks me. Overall, I think it does a great job but I regularly right-click files and select “send to” to send them to programs like WordPad or NotePad to view them. If the file...
Latest MVP - Joe Sango
Published Mon, Oct 10 2005 12:07 | GregLow
Great to see fellow Readifarian Joe Sango added to the MVP list for VSTS. Congrats Joe!
A Week Of Firsts
Published Sat, Oct 1 2005 15:16 | GregLow
Well it continues to be a week of firsts. Certainly first time I've played bass with a cowboy band. We had an MVP dinner tonight at the Circle R Ranch. Got to get up and play a few songs with the cowboy band. Too funny. Dr Tom (Moreau) was the star of...