June 2004 - Posts

VB Beginners And Productivity
Published Sun, Jun 27 2004 13:38 | GregLow
One topic that regularly gets discussed amongst the MVP community is the positioning of VB in the market. I come from a C-based background. I used to do spend my days doing (and teaching) systems programming in C. Yet, I choose to build our business apps...
Another ADO.NET Book
Published Sun, Jun 27 2004 13:13 | GregLow
Finally finished reading another ADO.NET book. (I've been trying to read all the notable ones). “ADO.NET Examples and Best Practices for C# Programmers” by Bill Vaughn (with Peter Blackburn). ISBN 1-59059-012-054995 on A-Press. Bill always...
Moved The Blog
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:41 | GregLow
Finally decided to move the blog out of TheSpoke to more salubrious surroundings. Thanks to Susan Bradley for setting up this site. Noticed Bill McCarthy was here so decided to join him.
Back In Town
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:40 | GregLow
Repost from 25th May 2004 Well, I'm back in Brizzie this week. Back in town teaching a Transact SQL class. I finished the last of the current Smart Client seminar series in Canberra on Friday. Great group of developers there. Solid representation from...
INETA Conference
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:39 | GregLow
Repost from 17th May 2004 I recently travelled to Bangkok to attend the Asia Pacific Leadership summit for INETA (the International .NET Association). We had an interesting (and fairly intense) couple of days. I'm quite upbeat about the plans for INETA...
Datetime Data
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:38 | GregLow
Repost from 26th March 2004 Did the last of my current series of webcasts this morning. Think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Seemed to go smoothly :-) We also had our 2nd SQL Servers User Group meeting in Brizzie last night. Went great. We were up...
More Books Finished
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:38 | GregLow
Repost from 17th May 2004 While travelling around doing the latest series of Smart Client seminars around Australia, I've finished reading another couple of books. "A First Look at ADO.NET and System.Xml v. 2.0" by Alex Homer, Dave Sussman and Mark Fussell...
Webcasts On ADO.NET
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:37 | GregLow
Repost from 24th March 2004 Did another webcast on ADO.NET v2 and Whidbey this morning for the US MSDN folk. Have part 2 of it coming up Friday morning (3am Brizzie time) - 9am PST Thursday (their time). Didn't have any performance problems with the equipment...
Dot Net Collective
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:36 | GregLow
Repost from 15th March 2004 Tony O'Hagan has put a bunch of resources in place at his new .NET Collective. You can see it at: www.dotnet-collective.com.
Basic Grids
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:35 | GregLow
Repost from 13th March 2004 Was looking for a really basic (ie lightweight also) grid control. In VB6, we used to use the MS Flexgrid. It was ok but a bit too basic. For example, you needed to handle all keystrokes yourself. It's a pity a non-bound grid...
Published Sat, Jun 26 2004 22:33 | GregLow
Repost from 8th March 2004 Finished another book. "Fish" by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen. It was billed as "a remarkable way to boost morale and improve results". A lot of the business schools refer to it. My second-oldest step son...