Few things about coming Visual Studio 2005 Release

Published Mon, Aug 22 2005 23:07

Soma Somasegar wrote in his blog a few interesting things about future release of the most long-awaited development tools: Visual Studio 2005 and Team Fondation Server.

  1. In september 2005, Visual Studio RC1 comes to play. “Visual Studio 2005 RC1 offers significant enhancements and greater quality over our previous Beta releases.  This is when we go into “escrow mode”.  RC will be made available to our MSDN subscribers, early adopters, and beta customers.
  2. In the same month, Septembet 2005, Team Fondation Server (TFS) Beta 3 comes to play. “TFS Beta 3 will include a Go Live license along with technical support for Premier customers, enabling organizations to begin deployment of their Team System collaboration tools immediately.  The Go Live license will also enable us to solicit an additional round of feedback from customers prior to shipping.
  3. November, 7, 2005. Release of Visual Studio 2005. No comments :)
  4. In the first quater of 2006 we will see release of TFS. “We will ship TFS in the first quarter of 2006.

We should wait just two months!

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