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TechEd 2011: Day 3 Review and Random Photos
Thu, May 19 2011 13:23
Today was a very busy day, as opposed to the other days that were just busy. :) I started with the session, "Exchange Server 2010 High Availability Management and Operations" with Scott Scnoll. GREAT session with clear concise explanations of... Read More...
Disabling a User in AD Does Not Disable the User In Lync
Mon, Mar 21 2011 16:32
It's quite common for companies to disable user accounts in Active Directory, rather than delete them, when a user leaves the company. This allows other IT staff and managers to access that user's data and email after they are gone. However, disabling... Read More...
Installing Lync 2010 Without Domain Admin Rights
Wed, Feb 16 2011 15:18
I recently installed Lync Server 2010 at a customer where I did not have Domain Admin rights. This presents a challenge, since setting up Lync Server requires various updates to Active Directory. The online documentation isn't very clear on on this... Read More...