Tue, May 28 2013 13:00 Don

United States Courts Ransomware Removal Guide

The United States Courts Ransomware is computer infection that displays a lock screen that does not allow you to access your Windows desktop until you pay a ransom. This ransomware pretends to be a message from the United States Courts where it states that the government has detected you distributing copyrighted music and movies from your computer. It then states that in order to avoid criminal prosecution you must pay a fine in the amount of $300 within 48 hours. In order to send the ransom you will be required to purchase a MoneyPak voucher at a store like CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens and submit the voucher ID in the lock screen. Once they receive the money, they will then automatically unlock your screen. This ransomware will also attempt to take a picture of you via your Webcam to further scare you into sending in the ransom. As this is not a legitimate message from any government agency, please ignore it and continue reading the removal guide.


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