Sat, Apr 20 2013 5:27 Don

Spamhaus Ransomware Removal Guide (Uninstall Instructions)

The Spamhaus Ransomware is computer infection that displays a a screenlocker so you can not access your desktop and applications and encrypts your files. When infected with this malware, you will be presented with a screen when you login to Windows that pretends to be from the Spamhaus Project. This screen states that they have detected your computer participating in illegal activities and have blocked access to it until you pay a fine. This infection will also scan your computer for files that end with the .ddrw ,.pptm ,.dotm ,.xltx ,.text ,.docm ,.djvu ,.potx ,.jpeg ,.pptx ,.sldm ,.xlsm ,.sldx ,.xlsb ,.ppam ,.xlsx ,.ppsm ,.ppsx ,.docx ,.odp ,.eml ,.ods ,.dot ,.php ,.xla ,.pas ,.gif ,.mpg ,.ppt ,.bkf ,.sda ,.mdf ,.ico ,.dwg ,.mbx ,.sfx ,.mdb ,.zip ,.xlt extensions and then encrypt them. When the ransomware encrypts a file it will rename it as a HTML file and then embed the encrypted file inside of it. If you then attempt to launch any of these encrypted files, you will be taken to a web page, which is currently at, that prompts you to pay the ransom in the form of a MoneyPak voucher.

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