Mon, Jul 23 2012 13:32 Don

Windows Active Guard Removal Guide

Windows Active Guard is a computer infection from the Rogue.FakeVimes family rogue anti-spyware programs. This program is classified as a rogue becuase it deliberately displays fake security alerts , fake scan results, and does not allow you to use your computer normally until you purchase the pgoram. This family of rogues are promoted using three methods. The first method is through web sites that display an advertisement that pretends to be an online anti-malware scanner. When the advertisement is finished, it will state that your computer is infected and that you should download Windows Active Guard in order to clean your computer. The second method is to install the infection without your knowledge or permission when you visit web sites that have been hacked to display malicious code. This code will attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in Windows, Flash, Shockwave, Java, or Adobe Acrobat so that the malicious code can automatically install the software onto your computer without your permission. The final method is through Trojans that pretend to be a video codec or other software that is required to view an online video.

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