I don't like the SafeZone feature in Avast Internet Security

Done reviewing Avast Internet Security program that includes SafeZone desktop (also known as SafeZone browser).  It's not cool because it will only use Google Chrome browser to browse the net.  It should not be "called as SafeZone desktop" but SafeZone browser only.  Google Chrome browser is integrated and I personally don't use or like Google Chrome.  Avast Internet Security doesn't install standalone Google Chrome browser on Windows but will be the browser if you bring up SafeZone feature. 

Read more at http://www.brighthub.com/computing/smb-security/reviews/112570.aspx so you'll know what else I don't like with SafeZone in Internet security program by Avast.  I think people who are using Google Chrome will have no problem with it.  I just hope Avast team will make that SafeZone browser feature to work to whatever is the default browser.  I know you can use Sandbox feature to virtualize other browser or application but it's not the Sandbox I'm talking about but the SafeZone.  I guess it has to do with their "partnership" by pushing Google Chrome (piggybacking in free Avast antivirus by bundling third-party installer on Avast installation package... and now it's integrated in paid software of Avast).  Geez.

Anyhoo, the AV of Avast has improved.

Published Fri, Apr 1 2011 2:01 by donna


Wednesday, April 06, 2011 1:48 PM by Ron

# re: I don't like the SafeZone feature in Avast Internet Security

Nice April fool's joke Donna.

It was an April Fools joke, right?

If not, you obviously do not realise that the SafeZone browser is *not* Google Chrome.

It is in fact a customized version of Chromium (the Open Source software that Google Chrome is based on) so is a similar idea to for example Comodo Dragon - Comodo's secured version of Chromoum.

It is supposed to be used for things such as accessing Internet Banking without the risk of keyloggers or screen capture programs effecting you - In fact even the description states that: "Safezone is a unique feature that allows you to run trusted sessions shielded from the rest of the operating system. By switching to the SafeZone, you will get a clean desktop where you can manage your sensitive transactions (such as online shopping and banking) without the risk of being monitored by spyware or a key-logger.

It is not designed to be used to run programs in - the sandbox feature is for that use.

Or let me guess - would you rather that they ran Internet Explorer 9? Which is still even now vulnerable to exploits at bcheck.scanit.be/bcheck

All this is coming from someone who does not even like Chrome either (as mentioned above though, SafeZone does not use Chrome) but I am more than happy with the idea that Avast came up with.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 7:44 PM by Bryan

# re: I don't like the SafeZone feature in Avast Internet Security

Why dont you like Google Chrome?

And what would be your browser of choice?