About Donna's SecurityFlash

I'm just blogging PC and internet security items that I find interesting and I hope it will help anyone in any way. Things you should note (below is my personal choice... not sure yours) :

  1. Security Programs that was created or have added a toolbar for 3rd party search service in their security tools is not what I use.  They are pretending it's essential part of the product.  If any security programs that I use will add such, I remove them at once without even thinking twice.
  2. I do not support software that have rogue or bad history.  I think of my friends in the security circle, who spend their free time to help end-users in fixing computers via HJT forums. Those company that try to clean-up their acts but not exactly clean is not what I support or use.
  3. Vendors that do NOT have clear disclosure via EULA or anywhere in the installer if they are installing third-party service or software with their program
  4. If you want to unsubscribe to this blog, please use your RSS reader to unsubscribe. If you're subscribed using Windows Live Alerts, please go to http://alerts.live.com/alerts/default.aspx then manage your alerts by unsubcribing or turning it off.
  5. I do not like emails from advertising company asking me to add text ads in this blog. I have no problem with non-malicious ads but this domain is not mine to put ads.  Note: I removed the Windows Live Alerts for now. Will add back later.
  6. If you posted a comment or feedback, it will not show up soon because this blog is moderated.  I don't want to moderate posts but because of spambots ... I have to.  Rest assure that any feedback (bad or not) as long as not spambot will be published.

About me and what I like/love, what I have, what I do and what I am using at the moment:

  • I have a website, Calendarofupdates.com.  The first domain of Calendarofupdates.com is Dozleng.com and it's still active.  Larry (aka Haroldo) suggested to me during 2003 to have Updates Website that will list updates on daily basis.  He knows I love posting updates and news items but he want an easy way to look at the updates. I thought of presenting it as calendar but after trying many type of calendar software or online services... I almost give up.  I'm glad to have a friend name, Skep over at Gladiator Security Forums (where ex-Gladiator Antivirus (GAV) antivirus software was hosted).  Skep suggested to me to use the Invision Power Board's calendar to post the security updates.  He change the look of IPB's calendar page by adding A to Z, Color coding and category options.  Then Larry met Peter (aka ColdinCbus) at DSLReports.com forums and he asked him to join CoU. Peter started helping us by posting updates then I asked Peter if he can code because Skep is not available anymore to maintain the coding for Calendarofupdates website.  Peter said "Yes" and so I'm happy. He's now handling CoU by maintaining, fixing and adding anything we need at the site.  Many of CoU's team-member are friends from other forums and I'm glad that they are around to keep up CoU's Updates information so the community is informed on important updates for their computers.  I'm so PROUD of my team over at CoU and I'm so HAPPY to have good friends in CoU and most of them are members of the CoU forum.  BTW, I met Larry over at CNET forums few years before CoU was born in Oct. 11, 2003 :)
  • I am Microsoft MVP awardee since January 2004
  • I am Microsoft Certified Professional since January 2009
  • When time permits, you'll see me at the forums where I am one of the moderators - CNET.com and Microsoft ANSWERS
  • I am one of the Contributing Editors and Writers in Brighthub.com since June 2008
  • I blog here in msmvps.com, in Bright Hub Security Blog and in Calendarofupdates.com blogs
  • I use Windows 7 on Dell laptop, Vista Ultimate on Dell desktop. Oh! I have Ubuntu on VMWare also but seldom use it.
  • I install, test and play with Windows-based software a lot
  • I have great team at Calendarofupdates.com!
  • I am member of Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals™ (ASAP) since February 2004
  • I have Linkedin account because I use it for professional connections.  Thanks to Alex Eckelberry of Sunbelt Software for the invitation to join Linkedin. I don't have Facebook, Myspace or Twitter accounts and I don't like to use 3rd party URL redirection.
  • I met a lot of good people in the security community forums!  If you like to help others, be involve too [:)]
  • I use Outpost Firewall Pro by Agnitum. I hope Agnitum will not add toolbar with search service!
  • I currently use on my laptop the protection by NOD32 , on my desktop by VIPRE and on VM by Antivir.  I hope they will not add toolbar with search service!
  • I use IP Blocklist for Outpost and I manage it using hpObserver
  • I love Windows SteadyState!  This is why I can't leave 32-bit of Windows! I'm also using ShadowDefender.
  • I blog using Windows Live Writer
  • I trust and like Scotty the Dog (WinPatrol Plus). 
  • I have a2 free, SS&D, SAS free, AAWAE, MBAM, The Cleaner 2010, Windows Defender as other malware scanners.  They often find nothing on my PC but I notice a2 free detect samples faster than others. My only gripe with a2 is no manual download of defs and the size of defs is huge! It's OK if you have fast connection though.
  • I'm using Mamutu and MBAM as behavioral-based malware monitor and it's running in real-time together with antivirus.
  • I use 3rd party HOSTS file and OpenDNS.  I'm also using OpenDNS Updater software so my OpenDNS network account will always have the latest IP that I have.  I stopped using OpenDNS because it is slow from my current location
  • WOT and SiteHound helps a lot in browsing safely. Note: I have IE8 now and SiteHound do not support IE8 yet.
  • I regularly backup using True Image by Acronis and ImageX by Microsoft.
  • I have KeyScrambler on my desktop
  • I have PocoMail and Microsoft Outlook.  I used to use PocoMail a lot but there is a problem with the font so I'm on Outlook again.  PST files is not stored anywhere C:.  The same with Windows Mail, the data is not stored in drive C.  It's compacted every 2 days! Using Mailwasher to preview emails so I can delete malicious and unwanted emails before downloading the good message :)
  • Newsgroup reader is Windows Mail.
  • I like Microsoft VPC because it helps me test without dual-booting.  I have VMware and VirtualBox also but seldom use them.  Although I find VMWare more powerful than VPC 2007.
  • I don't like pink color.  I love watching horror, suspense, action and thriller videos.  I enjoy listening to internet radio using Windows Media Player's Media Guide and Nokia Internet Radio.  I watch podcast using Nokia phone.
  • I believe all OS need antivirus.  You can't tell whether you're clean or not, if no scanner will say "the system is clean!".
  • I watch WWE and always happy if Stone Cold Steve Austin is on the ring!
  • I use Nokia E66 and E71 Smartphones.  Thinking of using Blackberry or Palm Treo but not decided which one to get!
  • I am connected using P1 Wimax which is using 3G wi-fi modem.  Signal is always important!
  • My search providers: Google, Live, Calendar of Updates for software updates search, Wikipedia, Yahoo! I delete all other search providers that is installed on browser.  I don't like to use IAC/Ask search because it is exchanging data to other domains that Live, Google and Yahoo don't do!  I don't allow shopping, torrent search providers on a browser!
  • RSS reader:  I am using GreatNews reader - simple to use and simply works! 
  • Software Updater? Name any tools that will scan for insecure and missing patches (Secunia, Belarc, Shavlik Netcheck or their Patch Gadget, Version Tracker, Filehippo, Sumo etc) but most of us at Calendar of Updates (CoU) are always 100% up-to-date without the need of those tools.  We use them to "confirm" only that we have the latest and to see if the said tools have the database for the new update.  Like MBSA tool... we use it to confirm and verify that updates are not misconfigured and that we are not missing any patches.  If you have a software that you think cool (as long as not rogue and do not have Ask/IAC), come and join the community to inform on the updates.  We are happy to have volunteers because community simply works!  No need to install many software updater if you want to keep up-to-date.  Just visit CoU or any forums that have updates forum... and you will know there's new update.  RSS/Feeds? Yes, we got RSS also so you don't need to login to CoU.
  • Did I say I don't tweet or FB?

Award and Certification:

Microsoft Certified Professional  Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

I'm working as Contributing Editor and Writer for:

Bright Hub

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  1. Microsoft MVP of the Month - Microsoft's Security Newsletter for IT Pro - February 2005 and January 2006 issues.
  2. Redmondmag.com: 10 Useful Microsoft Blogs
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