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The Long Awaited Vista SP1 Has Arrived...
Sat, Mar 22 2008 12:55
On Tuesday March 18th, Microsoft finally released Vista SP1 in its final form. SP1 contains a year of updates and improves on some of Vista's features the public has complained about. At the moment it is available through both Windows Update as an optional download or through the Microsoft Download Center as a standalone download. In the middle of April it... Read More...
Check My Sidebar For New Links To Secure Your PC
Fri, Feb 29 2008 19:31
Please have a look at the new links I have added to the sidebar of my blog, to decide if the websites and programs may be useful to you, my readers. I am hopeful that these quick links to online information will help you keep your computers safe and healthy: There is a new section “News” where I have added several links including my favourite site to help children... Read More...
Santa Brought You A New PC ... 30+ Days and the Clock Is Ticking...
Sun, Feb 3 2008 14:56
Did you get a new computer for Christmas? If so, you have probably spent the time since Christmas exploring your computer and surfing the internet to find out what all this Internet fuss is about. Perhaps playing games, watching videos, exploring things you are interested in - hobbies etc., chatting with others, and generally looking around. In a word you’ve... Read More...
Your Home Is As Secure As Your PC...Right?....WRONG!!
Sun, Jan 20 2008 17:42
Is your home as secure as your computer? If your answer is "Yes it is", then you are WRONG . For your computer security you have installed all the recommended security programs and a Firewall, set all of your software to download updates as they become available, and your computer is now as secure as possible. But have you added the equivalent protection... Read More...
But My OS is Linux, I don't need security! ...or do I?
Wed, Jan 9 2008 14:30
People who use Linux as an Operating System, often say they don't need to protect their computer from Malware,Spyware, Adware, Identity Theft etc etc. because they believe Linux is not at risk partly because it is not the main target of the scumware writers. Well they are wrong. The Malware writers are increasingly aiming at the alternate OS's with their... Read More... - A New Computer Forum
Mon, Aug 13 2007 12:42
Today after many months of preparation, AntiSlyware opened for business! AntiSlyware joins as another forum created by the fertile mind of Tom Wilson . It can be found at There are many differences between and AntiSlyware with the most obvious being the lack of a classroom to teach the general... Read More...
Microsoft's OneCare Antivirus
Fri, Mar 10 2006 22:54
Microsoft has an antivirus program in beta testing called OneCare. The latest update links OneCare with Windows Defender. In case you are not aware of this Windows Defender is Microsoft's new name for Microsoft AntiSpyware. The two are now one and are still in testing as a beta. I do not believe a release date has been set but if you want to try it out you can... Read More...
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PCWorld's Reviews Of AntiVirus Software
Sun, Feb 26 2006 22:49
PC World has reviewed several antivirus programs and given them a rating according to their ability to remove Viruses and Trojans. You will find the links to the individual reports here:,cat,1292,sortIdx,3,00.asp I am not in the business of giving an opinion about their results but their report has some interesting findings... Read More...
EZ Armor Subscription "Expires" - Yes Dies
Sun, Feb 5 2006 17:08
On the eve of the execution of the Kama Sutra worm my EZTrust AV and Firewall by Computer Associates, stopped working. An IE window from Digital River kept popping up asking me to pay for my renewal and tellingn me I had no AV or Firewall. I had already paid an annual renewal fee on December 15, 2005. I checked the expiry date marked on the software and yes it... Read More...
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