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The Long Awaited Vista SP1 Has Arrived...
Sat, Mar 22 2008 12:55
On Tuesday March 18th, Microsoft finally released Vista SP1 in its final form. SP1 contains a year of updates and improves on some of Vista's features the public has complained about. At the moment it is available through both Windows Update as an optional download or through the Microsoft Download Center as a standalone download. In the middle of April it... Read More...
Procrastination - Habit or Heredity?
Fri, Feb 29 2008 18:48
aahhh procrastination…..what causes it? As far as I’m concerned there are three types of people in this world, the first type are those that get things done immediately, the second type are those that put everything off until they have too much to do, ie: procrastinate, and third, those that do both depending I think on the fazes of the moon or heredity. I am... Read More...
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Visit A New Forum For Developers!
Thu, Feb 21 2008 16:30
There is a new forum that may be of interest to Windows, Linux and/or Cross-Platform developers. The Linux and Windows Development forum was started by my son Darin who has most recently been programming linux software. Interested in programming since he was a child, he continues to find it a very satisfying hobby. Another area of interest for him is Security... Read More...
Santa Brought You A New PC ... 30+ Days and the Clock Is Ticking...
Sun, Feb 3 2008 14:56
Did you get a new computer for Christmas? If so, you have probably spent the time since Christmas exploring your computer and surfing the internet to find out what all this Internet fuss is about. Perhaps playing games, watching videos, exploring things you are interested in - hobbies etc., chatting with others, and generally looking around. In a word you’ve... Read More...
Your Home Is As Secure As Your PC...Right?....WRONG!!
Sun, Jan 20 2008 17:42
Is your home as secure as your computer? If your answer is "Yes it is", then you are WRONG . For your computer security you have installed all the recommended security programs and a Firewall, set all of your software to download updates as they become available, and your computer is now as secure as possible. But have you added the equivalent protection... Read More...
Time For The Beach To Take A Vacation
Thu, Jan 3 2008 21:39
Many Canadians at this time of year crave the beach because of the long winters here. Unlike them, I love winter, especially when we have lots of snow. Outside it is so clean and fresh looking, the air is cold and crisp, the nights so peaceful and quiet. It is naturally beautiful. As much as I like the beach, living in a country where each of the four seasons... Read More...
Upgrade my RAM or Buy a new computer?
Sun, Oct 21 2007 13:37
After Vista made its appearance I noticed that my computer became slower and slower after I updated my third-party programs (those not from Microsoft). I determined that the third party software developers were including new code in the updates so their programs would be compatible with Vista. This caused my computing to slow and the fans located inside the case... Read More...
Happy Birthday To You My Computer!
Tue, Sep 18 2007 13:32
Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday my trusty desktop computer…you are 3 years old, today. A Hewlett-Packard a510n, it has been a reliable and predictable, performing remarkably well, with few repairs. Since the life expectancy of a desktop is about 5 years, and this computer has all the features I will need ( as long as I stick with XP... Read More...
Gone With The Wind? Tom Coyote Forums where are you?
Sat, Aug 18 2007 13:16
The Tom Coyote Forums will soon become part of the history of the Security community. However, the owner Tom Coyote Wilson is very much alive as owner of his new computer forum AntiSlyware . The ownership changed in February 2005 and now the name of the Tom Coyote Forum will soon change. The name “ The Classroom ” may also die with it . Tom Coyote Wilson initially... Read More... - A New Computer Forum
Mon, Aug 13 2007 12:42
Today after many months of preparation, AntiSlyware opened for business! AntiSlyware joins as another forum created by the fertile mind of Tom Wilson . It can be found at There are many differences between and AntiSlyware with the most obvious being the lack of a classroom to teach the general... Read More...
MVP Re-Award Day!
Sun, Jul 1 2007 21:05
WOW I was given the MVP Award for the third year in a row. I am humbled to be among some of the most knowledgeable and skilled computer tech people in the world. It is certainly a surprise as well as an honour. As well as re-award day it is also the day that occurs every quarter when new MVP's receive their awards. I have heard of a few new awards and Congratulate... Read More...
by Dorothy Gosling
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Where Ya Been dgosling?
Sat, Jun 16 2007 18:29
I guess it's about time I updated my blog since almost a year has passed. You see, I am not a blogger by nature. So many MVPs have GREAT blogs, and regularly give the public current information as well as their thoughts and ideas, that I find it impossible to write anything meaningful. I like to teach, I like to help people, I like to give people an impartial... Read More...
Vista Launch Postponed
Tue, Mar 21 2006 22:28
The launch of the new Operating System to replace XP has been postponed for the average person until after Christmas this year. Microsoft anticipates that Vista will be launched in January 2007 for new PC's. Microsoft was responding to the retail sector who did not want instability in the marketplace during the Christmas season. The launch to the Business sector... Read More...
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Snow - So Pretty!
Mon, Feb 6 2006 15:49
It is so pretty outside today, snowing like crazy, it is so nice to see, finally. Here in Canada, everyone is usually so sick of snow by this time of year, that they pray for spring, but this year they pray for snow. All we've seen is rain and more rain, since the last snow storm just before Christmas, when the snow melted in a day or two, to be replaced by rain... Read More...
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New This Week
Wed, Feb 1 2006 14:53
IE7 Beta is out and is available to the public for download: News of the MyWife.E@mm worm, that nasty new worm I talked about the other day Best Practices Keep your antivirus software up-to-date with the newest Virus... Read More...
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A New Article
Sun, Jan 22 2006 19:10
Today I added the first article about how to add security to your computer without any expense. I have several more articles to add , so keep coming back as there should be something new to read on a regular basis. You will find the new article by clicking on "Add Protection" on the left side of this page. Read More...
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My First Blog!
Sat, Jan 21 2006 22:20
Welcome to my place on the web, thank-you for stopping by. This is my first attempt at a blog, so please bear with me as I learn blogging, and hopefully you will learn something too, as I struggle along trying to give you information about securing your computer. First I should introduce myself. My name is Dorothy Gosling and I am a Microsoft MVP for Windows... Read More...
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