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Guide To Error 8007000D In Windows Media Player

Error 8007000D or "The data is invalid" will generally mean two things.  The first being that the file type you are trying to play is not supported in Windows Media Player.  The link following link describes what formats are and are not supported in WMP.  Windows Media Player Multimedia File Formats

The other reason you might run into this error is that the file you are trying to play is corrupt.  In the case of a corrupt file you would want to try and re-obtain the file and see if it plays correctly.

Note:  Please remember .RM, .RA, .MOV, Etc are not supported in Windows Media Player, thus should not play in WMP.  RealPlayer  for RM, RA, RAM and QuickTime for MOV.

If you get this error for MPEG or AVI please follow the below links...

Guide To AVI Playback In WMP

Guide To MPEG Playback In WMP


E-mail Attachments - Any attachments from e-mail's should always be saved to your hard drive before attempting to play them in Windows Media Player.  Depending on your e-mail client this can be done in many ways, check with your provider for more.  Remember that it must be a supported file type after you download the attachmnet to be able to play it in Windows Media Player.


WAV Files - WAV is just a container like AVI, however mainly for just audio.  GSpot can be used to find out what audio codec is used inside the WAV file.


Other - If nothing listed helps you most likely would either want to do one or both of the following...

  • Post in the Windows Media Player Newsgroups with the exact context of your problem.  Don't just say nothing here or on the web helped, that doesn't tell anyone a single thing to help you.  Newsgroups are maintained by Windows Media Player users, not Microsoft. so the seconds step is to...
  • Contact Microsoft Product Support.

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