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I’m on The Media Center Show

A few weeks ago I did an interview with Ian Dixon for The Media Center Show.  We covered everything from CableCARD, to the TV Pack, to Windows 7.  The interview is a bit short on substance and time in my opinion (my fault completely), but I hope to do another with Ian (and hopefully some of the new Media Center podcasters out there) in the near future.

Last week Ian also pointed to Ben Drawbaugh post on why the TV Pack was released as OEM only, and much of the TV Pack talk in the interview plays around the same basic concepts.  The TV Pack worked well for some and added some cool features, but given the issues and what it broke I think Microsoft could have handled the release in a much different fashion.

One of the things I didn’t get to in the interview that I wanted to was some of the new features of the Windows 7.  I think most of these have been covered great by other blogs (as I’ve been extremely busy for the past month or so), but maybe as Windows 7 gets closer to release Ian and I can do another show.