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Switching From Flickr to Zooomr

I have decided to switch from Flickr to Zooomr today.  Zooomr is showing so much more potential then Flickr ever has in my mind.  I’ve been reading some of the comments that people have let on Zooomr from various sites, and a large percent of them seem to center around how much it looks like Flickr.  Instead of concentrating on the fact that it looks like Flickr right now, I took a look at the features that they offer in comparison to Flickr.

The first thing that I found that I love about Zooomr is the trackbacks.  It’s nice to see where the traffic is coming from.  I’m not the best photographer, but I enjoy being able to see who is linking to what.

Something that I might not use on a regular basis but is steps above Flickr is what Zooomr calls Zooomrtations.  It’s basically audio annotation for your photos.  You can upload MP3 or WAV files and play them alongside your photos.  Genesis idea and it’s implemented perfectly.  Geotagging seems very cool, though I have not figured out how-to use it yet (Thomas?).

Nonetheless, considering the amount of the time Zooomr has been around with just a single developer, I’m putting my money on Zooomr overtaking Flickr and thus I going to transition from Flickr to Zooomr now.  I’ve got a free Pro account from Zooomr since I’m a blogger and I will likely not be paying Flickr next year to renew my pro account.

Speaking of a single developer, I have to say how impressed I am with Kristopher Tate.  I’m not much older than Kristopher and I have to congratulate him on his current and future success which is sure to come.  If Zooomr ever needs any help, feel free to drop me a line.

Published Sun, Jul 9 2006 13:49 by chrisl
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