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Update: The Green Button Down (Up!)

Yes, I know.  I'm trying to get in touch with Daniel about it.

Back up!  Sorry about the inconvenience.
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Sweet Waterproof MCE TV For The Outdoors

Julie pointed me to a new outdoor MCE TV from Lux Entertainment.   “It features a 26-inch Sharp LCD HDTV plus Media Center Extender sealed in glare-free, reflection-free glass, the kind used by museums. Marine-grade speakers and a thermal management system complete the package.” says Julie.  Price is a bit high at $5,800, but check out Julie’s full write up at Media Center Pro Blog.

Image Courtesy of CE Pro

The Media Center Show #68

The Media Center Show #68 | 27th July 2006 (44min 47secs) MP3 - 15.4MB (Download Here)

This week Ian Dixon talked with Paul Heitlinger from S1Digital about there Media Center PC range, servers and extenders. Also talk about there Media Center show room.

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Inteset Receives ISF RL Certification For Its Denzel Media Server Line

Inteset, LLC, developers of advanced home entertainment systems, has been awarded the prestigious Image Science Foundations “ISF RL Certification” for its Denzel media server line. Inteset has become one of a select few companies to achieve this highly coveted distinction, which is only presented after documented proof of its products’ superior qualities. The ISF Research Lab provides comprehensive testing, certification of performance quality, and a publicly recognizable logo program that high-end A/V dealers and consumers will identify with Inteset’s exceptional products.

Inteset’s mission is to provide superior systems based on Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) platform that uniquely satisfies its dealers’ installation and operational requirements. “Inteset dealers are extremely conscious of quality audio and video output for high definition, movie, and video content. Their clients accept only the very best,” says Jeff Lloyd, President of Inteset. “With ISF RL certification, dealers will feel even more confident that Inteset products are “best in class” and produce the quality of output that exceeds the demands of their clients.”

"We're delighted to see Inteset successfully promoting Media Centers to the high-end A/V market. The ISF RL certification further validates both Inteset's business goals and the quality video output Media Center can produce," says Todd Rutherford, Home Control Program Manager - eHome of Microsoft.

"ISF RL video quality certification is designed to differentiate the truly superb Media Centers from the mundane units that are the norm in the PC industry. The tests in our lab in Microsoft Studios confirm that Inteset's Media Center video performance is first rate. The Inteset MCE system has earned its place in state-of-the-art home theater installations," says Joel Silver, ISF President.

Inteset demonstrates that it provides industry-leading solutions to the most discerning people in the A/V world, which include the dealers who offer Inteset’s products, and their clients, who use these systems every day for their entertainment enjoyment. Inteset’s media servers have become a top choice in home theater environments.

Inteset, LLC has been creating high-end home entertainment products since 2003.  The award-winning Denzel Media Server and VANA Advanced Extender systems, along with the newest all-in-one Touch Screen, Julia, appeal to A/V dealers and integrators for high-quality, reliability, ease-of-use, custom built and unique entertainment modules and services, price point, and interoperability with advanced control systems.  Products are available via preferred Inteset dealers.

To learn more, visit  Inteset products will be on display during the CEDIA show in Booth #663 this September and in the showrooms of dealers nationwide.

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No Standalone Version of Dell Remote

Gyration Won't Make Standalone Version of Dell Remote; Waiting for Vista (CE Pro) | Everyone that has seen Dell’s custom made Media Center Remote Control has loved the looks and functionality.  Unfortunately, the remote is only bundled with select Dell PC’s.  Many wondered if Gyration, the actual manufacturer of the remote would release a standalone version.  Julie Jacobson, who brought the story to everyone attention found out, and it doesn’t look good right now.  Here’s what Julie had to say about it.

“Greg Smith, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Gyration, says the company contemplated a standalone version of the remote, which allows users to browse their PC-based music libraries without disrupting the action on the TV screen. However, it wouldn't be as simple as erasing the Dell logo from the product. "We would have to revamp it, and we don't want to retool it once, and then retool again," says Smith. "We're too close to Vista."

The Media Center Show #67

The Media Center Show #67 | 20th July 2006 (63min 00secs) MP3 - 21.6MB (Download Here)

This week Ian Dixon talked with Orb’s Ian McCarthy about place shifting with mobile devices and video services like YouTube. Also information on beta testing the new version of Orb.

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July 2006 Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

July 2006 Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (KB919803) | Install KB919803 to get the latest updates for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. This update supersedes all updates since Update Rollup 2 (KB900325) for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. For more information about this update, read Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 919803.

Microsoft has released Update Rollup KB919803. This update is intended for systems running Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

This update rollup is cumulative and supersedes the following updates:

  • KB908250 - October 2005 Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  • KB912067 - January 2006 Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  • KB914548 - April 2006 Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

For more information about this update, read Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 919803. (This site may be in English.)

Download Here

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Dell's Amazing New Media Center Remote

Dell Ships MCE Remote with Two-Way RF and Metadata | Julie Jacobson just pointed out that Dell has an amazing Media Center Remote to go with their XPS M2010 System.  This slick black beauty will display metadata from the Media Center so you can do things like browse your My Music collection and start playing an album without turning on your TV at all.  Limited to audio as of right now, no EPG like other upcoming solutions and concepts (Microsoft Demos SideShow Remote from Exceptional Innovation & SideShow Demo on Media Center Remote).  It’s was developed with the guys from Gyration and does include the same gyroscopic mouse technology.  Read more at CE Pro!

Image Courtesy of CE Pro

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Well Crap

Well, so much for this idea.  Crap!

"Private Folder 1.0 was designed as a benefit for customers running genuine Windows," Microsoft said in a statement to CNET on Friday. "However, we received feedback about concerns around manageability, data recovery and encryption, and based on that feedback, we are removing the application today. This change will take effect shortly."

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Okoro Media Systems Announces the Availability of HDMI Based Digital Entertainment Systems

Okoro Media Systems, manufacturer of digital entertainment systems for the high end audio video market, is pleased to announce the availability of HDMI based media systems. High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) has emerged as the standard for connecting HD devices, displays and components. HDMI provides a pristine transmission of high-definition digital video and digital audio via a single cable.  HDMI also provides added HDCP security needed for next generation DVD formats HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, and cable card functionality in the up coming Windows Vista.

"We strive to give our customers what they want. HDMI connectivity has always been on their wish list. Now our customers have a simple way of connecting their HDTV's to our entertainment systems. Also, they can be assured that they will meet the security requirements for the new high definition DVD formats and cable card technology” said Isidore Okoro, President of Okoro Media Systems.

HDMI output is currently standard on the CS350 and TH540 Digital Entertainment Systems. All other systems can be customized for HDMI output.

For more information about Okoro Media Systems, please visit

Mix Your Favorite Drink With Media Center

Whether you’re a drinker or you want Media Center to be the center of your party, My Drinks will be perfect for you.  A claimed 8,000+ drinks in the database from several sources, your favorite is sure to be included.  Only problem with this application?  Alcohol is not included, please purchase separately.

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Export Recorded TV To Text Listing

Recorded TV Manager (Drasch Computer Software) | Drasch Computer Software developed their Recorded TV Manager, which provides a 2’ interface for managing recorded content, a few months ago.  Now, due to user request they have developed Export Recorded TV List to export your content to a CSV file.  There are several fields that you can choose to include, such as Program Description, Director, Date recorded, Genre, and many more.  People always are looking for way to do this.  The program requires Recorded TV Manager which sells for $24.95.

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Chances HD DVD Brings H.264 Decode to Xbox 360 Extender?

Microsoft picked ATI's H.264 Decoder for use with their upcoming external HD DVD drive which will connect to the Xbox 360.  This should add to InterVideo's MPEG-2 Decoder and Microsoft VC-1 Decoder to handle all video formats that could possibility be on an HD DVD.  Now let’s ask the Media Center question.  Will H.264 content be able to be decoded on the Xbox 360 in a Media Center Extender session??  Hmm…….

YouTube on Media Center with YouTubeMCE

YouTubeMCE - My YouTube (Push-A-Button) | Push-A-Button Software released YouTubeMCE a few weeks ago.  The program offers you the ability to browse and search YouTube from within Media Center.  It’s free and there is a thread at The Green Button for all your questions and comments.

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The Media Center Show #66

The Media Center Show #66 | 12th July 2006 (42min 43secs) MP3 - 14.6MB (Download Here)

This week Ian Dixon talked with Jeff Lloyd, president and CEO from Inteset a company specializing in Media Center products for AV installers.

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Funspot Brings More Games To Media Center

Funspot for Windows XP Media Center Edition | Accedo Broadband has released Funspot for casual gamers who want to access games from the comfort of their couch.  Games include Word Mine, Kakvro, Black Jack, Poker Puzzle, 4-in-a-row, Qizzz Master, Jacks or Better, Kaboom!, Sudoku, and more.  Everything is free and can be fully controlled with your Media Center remote.

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Switching From Flickr to Zooomr

I have decided to switch from Flickr to Zooomr today.  Zooomr is showing so much more potential then Flickr ever has in my mind.  I’ve been reading some of the comments that people have let on Zooomr from various sites, and a large percent of them seem to center around how much it looks like Flickr.  Instead of concentrating on the fact that it looks like Flickr right now, I took a look at the features that they offer in comparison to Flickr.

The first thing that I found that I love about Zooomr is the trackbacks.  It’s nice to see where the traffic is coming from.  I’m not the best photographer, but I enjoy being able to see who is linking to what.

Something that I might not use on a regular basis but is steps above Flickr is what Zooomr calls Zooomrtations.  It’s basically audio annotation for your photos.  You can upload MP3 or WAV files and play them alongside your photos.  Genesis idea and it’s implemented perfectly.  Geotagging seems very cool, though I have not figured out how-to use it yet (Thomas?).

Nonetheless, considering the amount of the time Zooomr has been around with just a single developer, I’m putting my money on Zooomr overtaking Flickr and thus I going to transition from Flickr to Zooomr now.  I’ve got a free Pro account from Zooomr since I’m a blogger and I will likely not be paying Flickr next year to renew my pro account.

Speaking of a single developer, I have to say how impressed I am with Kristopher Tate.  I’m not much older than Kristopher and I have to congratulate him on his current and future success which is sure to come.  If Zooomr ever needs any help, feel free to drop me a line.

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Zooomr Giving Away Free Pro Accounts!

What?!?!  In case anyone missed this, Zooomr is giving away free Pro accounts to bloggers!  You can thank Thomas for this one.  This squirrel heard about it, and he started his own blog just to get a free Pro account!

IMG_4926IMG_4926Hosted on Zooomr

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Private Folder Needs Media Center Integration

Microsoft released Private Folder 1.0 the other day with one feature missing; Media Center integration!  Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 gives you the ability to password protect a folder, called “My Private Folder”.  Something people have wanted for years in Windows is the ability to password protect folders instead of using permissions/user accounts to do the work.  Permissions and user accounts do nothing when you forget to log off or lock the machine.

Private Folder 1.0 needs Media Center integration for the same reason.  I know that most Media Center don’t exit Media Center and log off when a whole family is sharing a Media Center PC.  Sometimes the same families have content on there machines that everyone might not need access to, if you know what I mean.

Here’s to a version of Private Folder with Media Center integration please!

For those who would like password protected folders for Media Center now, check out Keep It Private.

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