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Flickr Plug-in for Media Center (and Vista Media Center!)

Big Screen Photos - Yahoo! Flickr Plug-in| Big Screen Photos is an XBAP (XAML Browser Application) for Windows XP and Windows Vista Media Center (Beta 2) which allows you to explore Yahoo flickr from your living room couch - and via your Xbox 360 Extender.

flickr Functionality

  • Browse and View Photo’s directly from flickr online in the thumbnail viewer (no need to download any pictures) – and view them full screen or as a slideshow.
  • Access your own flickr account – and browse and view public/private photos from you and your contacts. (Multiple accounts are supported).
  • Browse and Search Groups, Photosets, “Interestingness”, Recent Photos, Taglists, Contacts and more. (Virtual Onscreen Keyboard provided).
  • Access Detailed User and Photo Information and drill down on metadata.
  • User Consent Tool - provides an easy to use tool for adding and granting 'Consent' for accessing your flickr user accounts.

Windows, Media Center and Xbox360 Support

  • Runs as a Media Center Addin* - currently supports Windows® Vista® Media Center.
  • Runs as a "standalone" program on Windows XP* and Windows® Vista® Beta 2*- works on non Media Center machines when launched in Internet Explorer. (and can be operated via mouse/keyboard without a remote control).
  • Works via Xbox360 Extender - when used in conjunction with Windows® Media Center.
  • Enhanced Support for Xbox360 Media Center Remote Control and Joypad. (Provides additional buttons that can be used as shortcuts within Big Screen Photos)

Enhanced User Experience with Microsoft WinFX

  • Developed using Microsoft WinFX technologies (which will be launched for Windows Vista - and will also run on Windows XP).
  • Attractive and Intuitive User Interface provides a fast/responsive look and feel - featuring Animated Menu's and Buttons with realtime special effects such as fades, zooming and shadowing coupled with Multithreaded Design.
  • Scalable User Interface - via use of Vector Graphics, and on the fly graphics rendering (provided by WinFX) - ensures Big Screen Photo looks great at any resolution or screen size. (optimized for Letterbox and Widescreen aspect ratio displays).

Configuration and Themes

  • UI Theme Support - allows you to customize the user interface with over 5 inbuilt color themes.
  • Inbuilt Configuration – which allows you to change and Optimize your Experience for your machine/extender type

For detailed information and lots of screenshots please visit

A trial/beta release of this product will be made available very soon (stay tuned)....

Published Sat, Jun 3 2006 23:00 by chrisl


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I found a blog post from Chris Lanier from this past weekend that announces a new Windows Media Center...

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